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Your Bel Air and Towson Chiropractors

At ULTIMATE HEALTH, our philosophy is beautifully simple...Let us explain. Your body was meant to move freely... unimpeded and unrestricted.  We feel that a major contributor to reaching ULTIMATE HEALTH is being able to Move Well.  Without proper movement → dysfunction begins → injuries can occur.  Our motto is:


Our goal is to provide a comprehensive evaluation to UNDERSTAND the root cause of dysfunction/problem. Once we understanding the root cause, we can then address/fix the issue from a variety of evidence based manual medicine techniques. 

We RESTORE proper tissue function (eg. muscle, tendon, fascia, ligament, and joint).  Meaning, how they glide/slide, contract/relax, stabilize, etc.  We have a variety of tools and treatment options at our disposal to restore and correct the soft tissue imbalance. We have found that "every technique works... but does not work for everyone or everything, the same way, all the time. " These tools include but are not limited to: 

Chiropractic joint manipulation            Active Release Technique (ART)

Graston Technique™                                  Functional Dry Needling

Corrective Exercises                           Biomechanical Analysis

Once we have addressed the appropriate 'issues with your tissues', we always want to make sure the progress "sticks".  We always retest to make sure that you continue to improve.  We also want to make sure that you are given appropriate stretches, exercises and postural modifications that complement our treatment. The ultimate goal is to attain your goal... whether that is running, cycling, swimming, tennis, climbing, etc.. or being able work or play with your kids.

Next, our goal is to OPTIMIZE your performance. Body asymmetry, poor core strength, poor nutrition and excessive tightness are all areas that can hold us back from progress.  Often, our normal daily activities of living create these  deficiencies.  The practitioners at ULTIMATE HEALTH want to keep you as close to your highest/optimal performance as possible.  We optimize performance by minimizing dysfunction through our tools and exercise prescription.  Remember... optimal performance is a dynamic concept that requires you to have continuous maintenance to stay at the optimal level.

Our final goal at ULTIMATE HEALTH is to MAINTAIN your optimal body with supportive treatment. There is nothing without repair and maintenance. Why not maintain your body/function before your body breaks down?   Keep your body in optimal shape as you prepare for whatever task/demand lies ahead.  Let us help you break the repetitive cycle of injury.  Being “maintained” helps improve recovery and regeneration from the damage caused by training and competition, enabling you to recover faster and continue training at a higher level.

Here at ULTIMATE HEALTH, we help you to...


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Dr. Davidson, Dr. Cesari and Dr. Acosta
Bel Air & Towson Chiropractors | Ultimate Health - A Complete Wellness Center

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