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Health Resources

The following resources have been assembled to provide you with more chiropractic wellness care information available on the internet.

Active Release Technique - The official website of A.R.T.

Graston Technique - The official website of Graston.

American ChiropracticAssociation - The official website of the American Chiropractic Association.

Towson Athletics - The official website for Towson Athletics.

The best site for HEALTH COACHING!
Thriving Life Consulting

Functional Movement Systems - The official website for Functional Movement Screening.

Zenolink - The official website of Zenolink Science.

Rocktape - The official website of kinesiology tape used at Ultimate Health.

NSCA - The official website of the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Nutrition - Click on the following link to learn more about basic nutritional information and how to decrease     inflammation in the body.

ACRB - The official website of the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board.

FUZZ - Check out the "Fuzz Speech" on why the fascial system is so vital to address with treatment.

Video on the Influence of Compression on Tendon Pain 

The Mechanics of Squating

Mechanical Stress Quantification in Running

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